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I worship Supernatural, the Avengers & Merlin, and i absolutely love Destiel, Frostiron & Merthur.OTPs forever.
I also like csi, once upon a time, castle, criminal minds...
As animes I also like FMA, one piece, bleach, fairy tail, det. conan...



Not Sammy

That pout though

dean and cas’ reactions when hearing each other’s voices.

Imagine Dean and Cas waking up as females, what would be their reactions?

Vampire pirates? That’s what you guys are?


Heartache // 8x03


Heartache // 8x03

Thomas really loves his uncle Jensen [x / x]



"I’ve built most of the furniture in my house. I want to get to the point where I’ve built everything. I built my couches; I built my table and chairs; I built my bed and all my bedroom furniture. There’s a couple of things on my deck that I didn’t make. Eventually I’ll get there. But I also built the house, so, you know, hey!"
~Misha Collins [x]

(photos of home interior are screencaps from Misha’s Bing commercial)

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